Human Resources Management

We have continually demonstrated our strength as a provider of value-adding recruitment and other HR-related services for small and medium scaled businesses (SMEs) in Nigeria.

We understand how important people are to the survival and growth of your organizations, hence we provide key HR services that help companies to attract and build choice talents that work happily to achieve their corporate goals.

Our HRM Services include:

 Recruitment & Outsourcing

Let us help you hire the best talents to work with your team at any level of management. We meet your requirements by following our time-proven and well–designed recruitment processes to identify and select candidates suitable to deliver the established performance standard.

Either to help you reduce the cost of managing non-core staff or to help you concentrate on managing the core business functions, we offer outsourcing services that both fit your corporate objectives and delivers the rest of mind you desire.

Background Check (Integrity Check ®)

We provide customized background check services for companies that want to eliminate the risk of wrong hire by conducting investigative checks and verification of certificates of new hires or old employees

Payroll Management Services

We provide payroll services primarily for SMEs in Nigeria. From statutory registrations to payroll advisory, our team of HR professionals combines great technical expertise with cloud technology to relieve you of the challenges of managing all aspects of payroll of your company-Pay structuring, Payroll Tax Registration/Remittances, Pension Administration, Health Insurance etc.

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